"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." 

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A Full Stack Developer

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        university : "Mumbai University"
        degree : "MCA"

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        company : "Mobitrail"
        role : "Team Leader"

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 => Interviewed article featured in Newspaper ( "Maharashtra Times" "Navbharat Times" "Prahar Times" ) for "College Guide"

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 => Google Play Store total app downloads crossed 1,00,000+ & GitHub project repository starred 85+ Times !

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I to...


Developing & designing apps using latest technologies is my current thing


While we sleep, skills are shifted to more efficient brain regions, making for higher proficiency the next day.


When outdoors, I play football otherwise You will always find me walking OR running.


I like to experiment and try out new stuff such as work on IoT Projects OR learn a new programming language


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